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It's been a hell of week. After flying back from Toronto, I started the process to Step 4 of my travels. When I got home to Vancouver I had last minute errands to run, people to hang out with and belongings to pack before I left for Asia. Being the well organized lady that I am, I also snuck in a few party nights.

Halloween is my favorite time of year. When I was younger, it was my responsibility to decorate for Halloween and my moms job to decorate for Christmas. I would go all out with crafts, pumpkin carvings, making costumes for my cats and snacking on fun sized candy. Nothing has changed, except I did have to tone it down a little this year. I ended up carving 3 pumpkins, decorating 2 houses eating  no fun sized candy and attended 2 Halloween events.

On the 30th, the Cat Scratch Crew went out to the Waldorf Hotel as cat burglars. We went to support a talented friend who was spinning. The night was dramatic, sassy and full of theft (kidding! Or am I?). The next night my roommates threw Jenika and I a going away/Halloween party. We expected this night to be mellow and chill, we were wrong! We blew up fireworks, danced our faces off to hotline bling and admired costumes. It was one of the best parties we have had as a roommate family and It was the most perfect send off!  I'm going to miss the people back home a ton, but I am TRILLED to be  backpacking again!

                            The Cat Scratch Crew ready to tear it up and rob the Waldorf Hotel.

                                                            Just a couple of cool cats.
                                             "The world would actually stop if BeyoncĂ© died." 
                          Micki expressing her opinion on who's death would be more influential;
                                                 Micheal Jackson or BeyoncĂ©. Thoughts?

                                                                  Casual Warewolf beer.
                                                                Rob Bob; The Bob Cat. 
                                                      Wait maybe I did eat fun sized candy...

                                            Lydia and Sassy Cat taking a moment to selfie.

                                            Steph patio chillin' and Lydia thinking about Beetlejuice.

                                         Halloween isn't complete without freaks and fireworks.

                                                                       Casting spells.