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I've been living on my own since I was 17. The call for adventure took over me and I had to go see the world. At the same time, my Mom and her husband had a similar calling. They moved to the Middle East. When I arrived back to Canada I had to figure out how to live in an adult reality. Although my family was so far away, I always felt their presents and support. I knew no matter what I was never alone or stranded. 

Recently, I called my mom to share my concerns about my new adventure. With the magic Momma touch she made me instantly feel better. In my speech about the uncertainties I was facing I said "What if I get home sick?". My Mom started laughing. She reminded me that I've never been home sick. 

Okay maybe I've been home sick before, but never enough to actually DO something about it. 
I had this mock homesick feeling yesterday evening after taking a cab with two friends. The two women I took the taxi with are close, good friends. They were speaking in Thai, I've been really good to listen carefully hoping that I might pick something up. In this instance I stopped listening and  started thinking. In my radio silence I could only think of the cab rides home with my friends, or walking into my old apartment to be greeted by the people who know me best. Even though I am surrounded by amazing and kind new people I still have a nagging feeling to be around my friends and family. 

Giving my friends and family a hug isn't an option. I've come up with a few ways to remedy my sad gal emotions. Firstly; a solo run in the park followed by good music, a great outfit including my moonstone bracket (the hocus pocus stone that balances emotions), and cute Cafe. Where I'll drink a blended and sweet beverage and do something creative like write or draw.  I also tell my people how much I miss them and send them cyber hugs. It's a simple solution to help me feel surrounded by my friends and family who are miles away.

With some practice, I've got this down pat. Missing people is the worst, but helping myself feel better and with the kind words of my friends this moment will easily pass. Enjoy the time with your friends and family this holiday season and give them big hugs (cyber and real)!