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I love having a home. There is nothing like your own bed covered in sleeping cats and their fur, a closet full of clothes that you hate/love and the option to eat dinner in the nude.  Living in hostels, you don't really get to channel these comforts. Actually, you probably could, but there would be some heavy complaints.  I'm excited to say that I have a new home in Bangkok that has all these amenities and more! 

I'm living in an area called Ari. It's located in northern Bangkok between Victory Monument and Chatuchak Market. I love living in trendy areas with chill places to have  tea and do a little work (call me a hipster, I dare you).  Ari has a great mix of trendy cafes, restaurants, local artists and entrepreneurs that call this area home. In addition to the hip vibe, the true Thai experience is still alive with  fantastic street food vendors and fruit and vegetable markets. There is a park with an outdoor gym, a small walking track, tennis courts and a curious giant lizard that skids across the track spooking unsuspecting walkers. For my Vancouverites, Ari is the equivalent of Main and 14th. Although there are no local breweries or artisan doughnut shops for beanie clad locals to loiter.

My life in Ari consists of waking up and heading to the park to go pump some cement blocks and persuade myself to run around the track "just one more time". On my way home I pick up a fresh coconut water that a local vendor packs into bags and I make the hunt for fruit from the guy around the corner. He has the best pineapple.

At home I am greeted by 2 fur babies (Flappy Bottombee and Kiss TidTurbo) who try to escape when I struggle to open the door. The apartment is a mix of fashionista gone wild (clothes barely contained) an artists office and a jungle patio. It was easy for me to call this apartment home, along with the people and kitties in it. 

Just around the corner from the apartment is Ease. A quiet cafe with real coffee, a fantastic selection of herbal teas and one of the best green house patios I've relaxed on. I like to go here to write and sit in the air conditioning and listen to relaxing jazzy beats when I need a break from the city heat. The staff are so friendly and accommodating.  It's chill vibe is infectious and I've noticed people like to hang around for hours. 

I have a few favorite places to eat in Ari. On Thursdays and Fridays, The Spring Roll Ladies (dubbed by me) set up shop on the street by the BTS skytrain station. They make great raw spring rolls and the wasabi they serve is blindingly hot. AKA perfection. The rest of the week I hit up the vegetarian food counter called Suan Phai. Located down one of Ari's many alleyways. I like going here because I can select whatever I want without the fear of accidentally eating meat. Despite my best efforts at shyly saying "man-za-we-lak" (without meat) there are moments when my lunch suspiciously tastes like animals. It's comforting to know Suan Phai has my back. Most importantly the food is amazing and inexpensive. 

Within the winding Soi's (streets) there are laundry mats, hard wear stores, clothing shops, food trucks, bars, the list goes on! I am only covering what I've discovered of Ari so far. There is so much more to be seen. 

I am feeling pretty lucky to have fallen into such a wonderful opportunity to live here. I'd like to say that I am surprised that I quickly decided to nest instead of backpack, but this has been brewing for a long time. The timing is perfect. I have inspiring people surrounding me, an opportunity to learn a new language, a rad place to call home and it's 30 degrees here while my friends and family are covered in snow. Life is bliss I say!