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When I was living in Vancouver I found it easy to complain about working too much and not playing enough. I made the effort to work my 40 hours then spend my extra time doing something that was good for me. I used my days off to hang with my roommates, making dinner and binge watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. My plans for when my (f)unemployment kicked in, was to just do whatever the hell I wanted. To try new things and use every moment to soak up where my adventurous heart took me. I wanted to make up for the time when I was working my buns off in Canada.

(F)unemployment has been a little different then planned. Truthfully, a lot of my days are spent hanging out in coffee shops; writing and trying to plan what my future in Thailand might look like. That might not sound exciting for you, but I'm having a great time doing it. These days need to be broken up with adventures. That's what I'm here for right? Adventures! 

I've been lucky to make some great friends who don't want to see me rot away in coffee shops and want to show me around Bangkok. Yesterday was the best BKK adventure day yet. Mae took me to some amazing places. We started our day out at Hof Art Gallery in Ekkamai. Where  we admired local artists work. We picked our favourites and tried to use our artist eye to dissect an abstract oil painting. 

Next we walked to Benjasiri Park to people watch and eat street fruit and vegetarian spring rolls. This park was small but relaxing. Mae and I chilled and watched people workout while we sat there and stuffed our faces. Mae found the park cat (she's a cat whisperer) and we played with it till it found someone else to love.

Next we hit up Art Box Market. I originally wanted to go home and change. When I saw this market I begged to look for just "2 seconds" that quickly turned into half an hour. We were craving something sweet so we treated ourselves to Umeshu frozen yogurt. Umeshu is a super sweet  Japanese plum liqueur. I definitely recommend to try it if you like to sip on sweet drinks. After satiating our sweet tooth; Mae wanted to bring me to a secret spot for dinner. Desert before dinner, that's how you know you've successfully made it to adulthood.

The secret spot will remain unnamed. Partly because I don't rememberwhat it's called and partly because it's a local hangout. I'd hate for it to be a tourist spot on account of this post. I love having a local gal to show me around and share these sweet spots in Bangkok. Mae and I watched the sun set and ate the spiciest soup I have ever put to my lips. It caused us to gladly drink 3 big Leo beers to cool off our dragon tongues.

You'd think that the day would end here but it didn't. Next we took a taxi to China Town. Here we walked the main street and the small surrounding Soi's. Looking at the sizzingls street meat and the bright neon lights. This was the first time I've ever seen shark fin meat for sale. I died a little inside. It reminded me of a Chinese restaurant on Main Street in Vancouver. Where they sold shark fin soup. For weeks there were protesters asking people to not eat there and raising awareness for sharks. After realizing there were no protesters and shark lovers, I had a rude awakening that I was not in Kansas any more. 

After several frowning moments, Mae suggested that we change our scenery and grab a drink at Tep. Tep is a authentic Thai bar with a modern twist. There was an amazing four piece band playing flutes, drums and chimes. They sang traditional Thai songs which the crowed sang and danced to.  We drank yadong, a flavoured Thai whiskey. Yadong is to be taken like tequila; chased with pickled mangos and pandan water. I really enjoyed the entire experience. 

After a full day, I was ready to go home. I felt like cranky toddler. Completely exhausted by the day's activities and on the verge of a too tired temper tantrum. Despite my moody attitude, I was happy and  grateful for the day I experienced. Adventure is everywhere. Even if you know a city inside and out, or you're a tourist. There is something to do and something to see. It just might take a little push to get outside the house and your mind to seek what's waiting for you. Give it a try! You'll never know what you'll find, and when the day ends you'll have the best sleep of your life.