The Best Day Yet

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"Hey Jen, guess what? WE'RE IN THAILAND!" 

I've probably said that sentence at least 50 times in the last 24 hours. It's still a little mind boggling and yet so exciting. We are doe eyed and taking everything that we can experience in. So far we are loving the heat, Chang beers, and figuring out our own way. "Cause we don't need yo' help. We independent ladies. Well actually wait a minute.. Which way is north?" We aren't loving the lack of toilet paper and the suspicious hose that is in the restrooms that can only be for one thing. We aren't so brave to use it yet. 

Our first day was all about finding our hostel and wandering around Khao San Road. We were pretty tired, and our feet were sexy swollen sausages from the flight so we had to take care of that issue ASAP. After tossing our bags in our room, we found a restaurant and sipped our first beers. Then came      one of the most well deserved massages I've ever had. It cost us $5 CAD. Jen and I actually fell asleep holding hands on the touristy road. Pure bliss. Massages were followed by veggie pad thai and passing out by 7pm.

We woke up early this morning to dance to 00's Spotify playlist and to plan the day. We wanted to see some of the historical sights of Bangkok. We took a long and deadly walk to Wat Pho. Let me tell you;  crossing the roads in Bangkok, with or without a crosswalk is a life threatening feat. Every street takes a peptalk and some serious strategy. Luckily we made it in one piece. At Wat Pho lies the Reclining Buddha, ornate and stunning temples surrounded by gold leaf and incense. My brains were exploding with awe, every turn in the maze of temples was breath taking. I had been to temples like this the last time I was in Bangkok, but I forgot how moving and powerful they were. The Reclining Buddha gave me the chills. The statue is massive. Buddha leans 15 meters high and 46 meters long. It's a little overwhelming at first, but worth it. This statue is a representation of Buddha's final days before passing  into Nirvana. The pose Buddha lies in is called sihasaiyas, the posture of a sleeping lion. 

After being exposed to the Wat Pho complex, we decided to go to our temporary home kick our feet up a chat about the awesome start to the trip, the enriching culture and the adventure we have ahead of us. We did ran a few vital errands like buying purses and eating more veggie pad Thai before we went for beers with a couple we met on the fight. It's only been one day and I am thrilled to see what's next, If it's anything like today, I know we are going to have one hell of a time here.


                                               Khao San Road; the backpacker hub.

                       This is the face you make when you're having a hella great leg massage.
                                                                     Wat Pho temples.



                                                                  Reclining Buddha
                                                             Coins to gift to Buddha.