C A T M O S P H E R E & S A L A D

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Jenika and I are quickly learning that we like to have plans. We do go with the flow but we need a general outline of what we want from our day. It makes us feel like we have a purpose. When I wake up, I get ready for a running adventure around whichever town we are in. If I don't exercise I get a little weird and extra sassy. I then get ready, get a delicious fruity breakfast while Jen and I plan our day.

Today we had 2 missions: 

1) Try somtam
2) Find cats 

We successfully smashed these missions with full force. When I told the hostel owner, Toby, what we were hoping to do; he pointed us in the right direction. To find adorable baby cats I was fully expecting to go scouring around Chiang Mai's alleyways and hostels. Toby made this all too easy by saying one word: Catmosphere. 

Catmosphere is a cat cafe. YES, A CAT CAFE! When I heard more about it I nearly screamed out of excitement. That's a lie, I did scream. I am a major cat person. There's something about their sassy attitude and their need for attention on their own terms that speaks to me. Perhaps it's because I'm the same way.

 Jen and I strapped on our walking sandals and sang our way to the cat haven. Today we focused on nailing Ferg-alicious by Fergie. If you've never heard this song, don't say you decided to listen to it because of this blog. I don't want those ties. Once we got to Catmosphere the furry adventures began.

Before entering, we were asked to wash our hands, take off our shoes and then find a comfy cushion on the floor. We ordered tea and coffee then waited for the sassy cats to show us some love. I was losing it. I kept my cool cause I didn't want to owners to think I was bonkers and because I secretly wanted the cats to flock to me like I was The Cat Whisperer. Turns out I'm not. 

Catmosphere is located outside the downtown area of Chiang Mai. It houses 17 feline friends, which are a mix of adopted and purchased. The cats are so happy, healthy and you can tell they get major love from their guests and their owners. At first the kitties ignored us, naturally. After half an hour they started to warm up and we were covered in cat fur. We weren't mad about it.  

The cats had some awesome names. There were 2 sisters name Elsa and Anna, for all my Frozen freaks out there. There was Yoda, Anakin, Obi Wan, and Luke. If you'd like to see who I'm talking about, check out http://www.catmospherecafe.com/chiangmai for photos and their biographies. 

Be ready to shed tears of joy and cuteness...

P.S. We tried veggie somtam. It's an unbelievably delicious papaya salad. It has tomatoes, green papaya, carrot, hot peppers, peanuts and a vinegary dressing. It is usually served with prawns but we're veggie, so no animals for us.  We have decided that we aren't eating anything but somtam ever again. SOMTAM 4 LYFE.