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I've been absent! I was busy exploring jungles, meeting LOVELY people, drinking gin buckets and tanning. I'm back to entertain you with some tales of our adventures and some sassy jokes that happened along the way.

We've been in Pai for 3 days. Wait, maybe it's been 4 days? Actually I have no idea how long we've been here. I'm taking that as a good sign. Our days consist of waking up when ever the hell we feel like it. And doing whatever the hell we feel like. I do know that we are in the jungle heaven of Pai for 8 days. We've  been taking our time with adventures. Sometimes we want to hang by a pool and chase the sunshine, other days we are shopping. But yesterday.. Yesterday was the BEST DAY EVER. I know I say that a lot. It's only because I am having the best time EVER!

We were staying in a hostel called Darling View Point. It's ran by a wild couple. A Thai woman named Darling and her German spouse, Peter. Half the time I had no idea what they were saying to me. Peter would start a conversation, walk away, then come back five minutes later to continue. I'll be honest the hostel rooms weren't the best we have stayed in. Our dorm had 14 beds lined up in a row; it had a very Orphan Annie feel (it's a hard knock life). The rooms were a little on the dirty side and we had some ant friends. We were never in our room long enough to let it bother us. The exterior of the hostel was stunning. Hammocks everywhere, a pool and a view of the mountain ranges that makes all the awkward conversations and insects worth it. We met amazing new friends so easily; we became a family and a bad ass crew.

Introducing the bad ass crew members: Tash and Dan are the cutest and most loving couple I've ever met. Jenika and I have a running joke that there is no love allowed on this trip. If we see a couple being lovey we whisper to each other sassy remarks. "How dare you be in love. Like, do you even know are gross you're being right now?" Sad girls are the new bad girls. Tash and Dan are this exception. We have fun mocking their English accents and they mock our Canadian accents. We've also befriended a chill, half-English, half-Thai fellow named Sean. The locals always think he's a native Thai and when they find out he's not they ask, "But face same same Thai?". Which I think is hilarious. We had an awesome crew at Darling View Point.

Yesterday, aka the THE BEST DAY EVER, we rented scooters. In Pai scooting the main way to get to the beautiful temples, trail heads, and waterfalls. Our Ride or Die Scoot Crew took an adventure to Mor Paeng waterfall. The ride there was breathtaking, I had to take some one handed driving photos to capture the rice fields and mountainous scenery. When we got to our destination we jumped into the chilly pools to cool down and watch some people attempt to cliff jump. The local kids were schooling the tourists, and the tourists backed out.

The ride back was an scenic adventure in itself. We explored the highway to get most out of our rental. We stopped at Sunset Bar to watch the, well...sun set. We ended the evening with having a mini hostel party with a slow burning fire started by Dan.  I was known as DJ Nat, I provided sick beats from Chromeo, David Bowie, The Cults and the infamous Alt-J. Jenika was the spilling bartender, serving up foamy Chang with a striking smile.  After everyone went to bed, Jenika and I realized that we had the 14 bed dorm to ourselves. We shut the lights off, turned up some funky beats, put on our dorky head lamps and pushed the beds together to jump on and our practice summersaults. We quickly tuckered out like 4 year olds passed their bed time, and had a wonderful sleep.

Now I challenge you to tell me that isn't the best day ever. CHYEAH. 

                                                           That Darling Viewpoint tho..

                                                     RIDE OR DIE // You can't scoot with us.

                                                    These people! My people! I love them.

                   Rice fields to the left, mountains ahead, cool breeze blowing off my helmet.



                                             Forever runing pictures with jazz hands.

                                                                 Sunset at Sunset.