P A I 4 E V A

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Oh Pai, how I love you.

Pai was a vacation from the vacation. We spent 8 days up in the lovely jungle (I am sure of this now). We did a lot of hanging out in hammocks, eating delicious street food, checking out live music cafes and finding Jenika real coffee. To sum up the rest of the Pai trip would be hard and I feel like my words would not give it justice. Read everything I write as if you're a kid whose parents just let them binge at the local candy store.

For a change of scenery we moved hostels from Darling View Point to Spicy Pai Backpackers. Spicy's dorms were open air, with bamboo walls and huge doorways. We slept under mosquito nets, or princess beds as Jenika called them.  Spicy was super clean for being open to the outdoors, there is also a great patio loft where you can find hungover backpackers sprawled across the floor eating free toast. The dorms were about a 10 minute walk from town, in a middle of a rice field with a gorgeous view of the mountains and the white Buddha.

Close to Spicy there is a bar called Sunset, the atmosphere has a 60's psychedelic neon vibe, the tables are low and laying on the ground is your best option to relax and take in the wicked artwork, wax piles of old candles and scenic view. We decided to head there one evening to get a little wavy, when we met a new crew of people.

We call ourselves the 7-11 crew. Compiled of Juliette, Elise, Marit, Fabio, Rense, Jenika and I. We all shared a mutual love for the shop and how if you're lost, scared or just need a feeling of warmth you can find it at 7-11. I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long long time. We tried to write a short story about green flies with nose rings, we hid a creepy Thai gnome around the bar, we shared wasbi peas and took some hilarious photos. 

Now that I think of it we did quite a bit of partying in the last few days. One night we found a flyer for a wear-house party, promising deep house, techno and funk. When I saw the word funk, my response was "take my money, let's go!". The gathering was at an art filled bar called Overhear. The great thing about this extra fun dancey time was that there were locals there too. Meeting local people is one of the best ways to hear about fun things happening in the area. We heard a fantastic local DJ and I met a few artists and shop owners. It was really great to talk to someone without a tourist perspective. 

For our parents sake, I will let it be known that we did not party around the clock. During the day we were lovely young women shopping for thrifted pieces, we spent our afternoons in writing in cafes, chatting and I even made business cards (let's get this blog dream rollin'!).  To answer your question parents, no we're not partying our faces off. Yes, we are being well behaved and keeping our family names clean. Now on to the next party story...

We ran into the 7-11 crew again minus a few and plus a few new people.  We were convinced to change our evening plans of YouTube documentaries and chilling to heading to an jungle party. The party played a mix of reggae, house and techno. There were fire poi spinners and a bunch of drunk hippies. The whole night was memorable but the most fun was the ride home, we piled too many people to actually be legal into a taxi and "sang" ( I'm using that word very loosely) our own slurred rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody.

We've had the best experiences in Pai. The locals are so friendly, helpful and kind. I can see why, they have a beautiful place to call home. We met lovely people and spent our days doing exactly what we wanted to. Thats what life is all about isn't it? 

If you're ever in Thailand, go to Pai. Spend a week, you will not regret it!