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I've recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix AW130, and I am IN LOVE with it. Ask anyone who really knows me, they will tell you that I hate having my photo taken and I am not that interested in taking photos. Now that I own this little magic box, I'm obsessed. The AW130 is a shock proof and water proof. When I started considering buying a camera I didn't want these features, mainly because I find that tough cameras often produce pictures that look grey. I find that colours aren't as vibrant and people tend look... Well ugly. Because I am traveling I had to accept that my camera might get wet or dropped, so I changed my tune a bit and opened up to the possibility of a tough camera. After experimenting with a few different cameras with colour differences, screen sizes, or the option of a selfie cam (not necessary, thank you) I was stuck between 2 cameras. The feature that sold me between the 2 cameras was that the AW130 has wifi. The wifi is more like Bluetooth, it connects to a smart device and uploads the photos on to the Nikon app. Seeing as I am not taking my phone, or computer this little combination worked perfectly.

Here are a few photos that I've taken with my new camera. I've edited the photos with vsco cam. These photos are taken in the Toronto Distillery District. It has a Gastown feel for all my Vancouverites.  

                                                          A few of my favourite things.



                                                                 I love artists houses.

                                                   It's awesome to see same sex wedding cards.