Its All Happening

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“Its happening” This is something I tell myself on the daily. With only a few short weeks left to take off, I can only patiently anticipate that moment that Jenika and I arrive at YVR to say goodbye to western civilization for the foreseeable future.  I have daydreams of crossing Thai customs with the biggest painful ear to ear smile on. As I take my first steps in to the adventure, I throw my fist in the air free willy style and yell Xena Warrior Princess wails while glitter confetti pops around me. That is how excited I am. In reality it will be more like Jenika and I hugging and jumping and maybe a few tears of joy. Thats cool too though.

Before my arrival, there are a series of things that I need to do. I want the next few weeks to fly- but I also don’t want to waste time thinking of the future. Queue stoner voice: “You gotta live in the moment man.” I have discovered I am a well organized woman, I am passionate about efficiency and easeful planning. Dorky? Yes. Do I care? No. To make the shift from working 40 plus hours a week to a FUN-employment and backpacker life style I devised the month of October to be a series of steps to localize myself with change.

Step 1- Pack up my life into 3 boxes and 3 Chinese laundry bags. This was quite easy for me and I was looking forward to getting rid of useless things that was acquired over time. I was also handing away my things like Oprah’s give away day. “ You get a shirt! You get a dresser! You get a bed!”.

Step 2- Leave Free People and The Commodore and bask in the shift of being FUN-EMPLOYED. Truthfully, leaving my jobs were really easy. Its not that I didn’t enjoy what I was doing, but my heart wasn't in it. My head was already sipping beers in Koh Phi Phi.

Step 3- Visit Family in Ontario. This has been much needed, my family has had a few ups and downs this year and it will be nice for all of us together. 

Step 4- Asia. Need I say more?

I am currently sitting pretty in the beginning phases of Step 3. I am seeing this trip back home as a pre-vacation to the real deal. I am looking forward to cooking for my parents, taking Bumbe  (Grandma) out to movies and shopping, seeing my Grandpa and noting hilarious things he says, and visiting with my cool aunt and uncle and hanging with my cousins in Toronto. I cant think of a better way to start a life changing adventure.