The Risk

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When I started sharing that I was going to go backpacking in South East Asia I had many mixed reactions. Fellow adventure seekers were stoked I decided to make it finally happen.  Some people were happy for me, but concerned. Then there were people who didn't understand why I would give up my life in Vancouver to live out of a backpack in dirty Asia. I never took offence that reaction; I found it hilarious actually. It made me feel good that I could walk away from what I built in Vancity and decide to come back to it when I was ready to take it on again.

Each reaction I received had a level of fear attached to it. Adventure seekers acknowledge the risk but decide to take it as it comes. Concerned people can understand why adventure could be so inciting; although they prefer to do it from a beautiful beach resort. The people who thought I was borderline bat shit for carrying my life on my back only warned me about all the dangers I am going to run into. They warned me about political unrest, thieves, and bugs. So. many. bug. warnings.

Before I decided to book a one way ticket to Bangkok, I did my research. I have already been to Bangkok once before so I knew what to expect culturally but in regards to social and political issues, Thailand has been working through some changes. In May 2014 citizens of Thailand gathered all over Bangkok to protest the removal of acting Prime Minister, Niwatthamrong Boonsongphaisan. After interrupting meeting between the Prime minister and the Election Commission, the coup turned violent.  Three people died and over twenty were injured.

For more current news there was a bombing at  the Erawan shrine in Bangkok in August. This was the deadliest bombing in recent Thai history, and a month later Thai officials are now placing the blame on Uighur militants. The bombing happened during a rush hour in a busy shopping centre, killing over twenty people.

Now I know I am not painting Thailand in the best light, but honestly which country doesn't have its own issues? Ahem...Bye Felicia (Harper). I know for a fact that the Thai citizens are some of the friendliest people. I have heard stories about backpackers losing everything they have and end up finding their way off the kindness of strangers. Look at this guy, he helped two bird watching tourists get unstuck from a mud patch. I have no idea why someone would put themselves through the terror of bird watching, but that's my own fear to deal with...eventually. The man saved them by letting them using his body as leverage to pull themselves out. That guy deserves a massive high five and a Singha to go with it. 

Anywhere you go there will be political, social and economic issues. The best way to prepare yourself for travel is to become a well informed tourist. Knowledge is only a Google search away. I get it, sometimes you'd rather cruise Facebook till your eyeballs fall out. But save yourself some embarrassment and check out whats going on in our world before you explore it would ya?