Natty's Back, Tell A Friend.

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After a long hiatus, I am refreshed, revamped and lookin' fly! I have oh so many stories to fill you in on and some news to share.

Did you notice a few changes? It was time for a face lift and a little rebranding. I am no longer "The Way She Goes" but "Natasmack".  A name I have been reppin' on the interwebs for 4 years. I decided the previous title wasn't me anymore. I am a creature of change, thus my blog must change with me. If you're curious about the new name- I made it up for my instagram. I had a little reservation about changing the name but after some consideration I decided it was unique and witty. I must praise the amazingly talented and ultra cool, Rosanna Chung. She designed my new logo and did some magic computer stuff to make this happen. Check out her instagram.

On to the special news. I originally created this blog as a platform for my friends and family to keep track of my travels and other nonese I was getting up to. When you're traveling it can be hard to get in contact with your people. A blog seemed like the most simple way of telling everyone "Yo, I am alive and well. Look at my sweet sun tan" Seeing as I haven't been traveling, I haven't been posting. Are you catching what I am throwing out? 

You betcha bottom dollar! I am going backpacking to South East Asia! I could not be more excited for this opportunity to be a homeless greasy nomad. I am leaving on November 2nd and I am traveling with my soul sister Jenika- Rae. We're flying into Bangkok with a one way ticket, with no set date to come back to Canada. We are making no definite plans or routes besides honouring the rules of our traveller visas. The trip is going to be filled with soul searching, yoga, trekking, dancing, diving, and so much more. I am ready to test my boundaries and learn a thing or two about this world we call home.

Follow my blog and instagram to keep up with my adventures! If you know me at all- I can get myself into some strange ass situations so you know this will be entertaining. Please feel free to share Natasmack with your friends and comments are always great too.