The Heart Break Series

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4 am on Saturday, I walked in through door to my apartment and was greeted by a terribly sad roommate. My chill girl vibes kicked in. Before a word is spoken there was a pot of peppermint tea brewing and Bing Crosby playing on the turntable. 

The topic was clear, we were going to dissect (for the trillionth time) the beings that spin us ladies into a tizzy of smeared mascara or blushing grins; Lovers. We have many ways address them in our home; The Babely One, Whats Their Face, The Asshole, The One With The Hair, and my personal favourite, Big Stupid Idiot. 

The Big Stupid Idiot in question had made quite the impression on my friend. During these moments, the only thing I can do is have open ears, and agree with every statement that haphazardly comes flying out of her mouth. After the storm of bitching and cursing our sexualities, we started to think how she can avoid future situations. One option we came up with was to take a break from going out in Vancouver, or in my roomies words “become a Grandma”. Another was to take on the persona of stone cold Medusa and expertly curse every prospect that dares to stare into her vengeful eyes. 

With little sleep, emotions were running high most of our ridiculous strategies started to make sense. I believed that if I needed to avoid heartbreak again I should refrain from  shaving my legs and start putting energy into having my cats Instagram account reach the popular page. Luckily, the next morning I came to. I realized that there is nothing that she should or should not do. Its unfortunate, but heartbreaks are unavoidable. Someone out there is bound to seek out your heart and fumble with it. I am thankful for this, as sadistic as it might seem. If The One With The Hair hadn’t taken an icepick to my heart I would have never clued in that my relationship with this person was going absolutely no wHAIR and I would not have experienced the sting of rejection. 

Learning about rejection helped me have better understanding about the fucked cycle of dating. I know that the next person I fall for quite possibly wont be The One. That may be a pessimistic statement, but I have to be real with myself. Knowing this will help me deal with the next potential heartbreak, it will probably cut the sob time in half and save me some calories on an emotion filled chocolate binge.There has to be a moment where one should stop, and look for enlightenment. There is a lesson in each person you meet, wether it be realizing that your self respect might need some work, or that next time second chances should be carefully considered. 

This will not be the last time I will console a friend early in the morning, nor will it be the last time we drink 2 bottles of wine and curse love. I find comfort in believing that everything has a purpose. If it takes hairy legs and a few heart scaring lovers to find that purpose; “challenge accepted” said the razor.