Numbers and Beers

11:53 Natasmack 0 Comments

I've finally arrived, a month of patiently waiting and working hard has payed off! After all the flights, I turned on my phone in the Belize airport, greeting me was the time 1:11. For the people who know me well, they know that seeing triple matching digits is not uncommon for me. It started last summer, and hasn't stopped. At first I freaked out claiming that "numbers were following my unlucky ass" but now I take comfort in them, and view them as a good omen.

With the stamp of approval from my numbers, I knew I was in the right place. Yesterday my step dad met me at the San Pedro airport, there we started our hunt for a perfect spot of a Belikin Beer. It's awesome to see him, and it was awesome to see him have a couple too many tequilas last night too. 

Today is a day to unwind, lay in hammocks and bake in the sunshine. I've started reading "The Alchemist", it's probably the best book to read before starting out on an adventure. I'm laying the the hammock reading Paulo Coelho in complete awe, saying  "Are you for real Paulo?" In my ghetto fabulous voice out loud at the parts that make my heart stop.

I'm staying in the North of San Pedro at my parents newly built apartment.  The front door opens right up to the beach, and I can see the break of the second largest barrier reef.  I can hear the water crash up on to the shore when I am falling asleep, a lot more relaxing then the commuters racing down 49th in Vancouver. 
The sun is shining, and I have a nasty hankering for some rum and coconuts.