Momma-ME's Prawn Dish

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I'm going to aplogize to my mom in advance before she reads any more of ths-Sorry mom, you know it's true.

My mom wasn't the best cook when I was younger, it was a weekly endeavour with her in the kitchen. She often burned ladles, and bread bags to the element on the stove. This resulted in my hiding in my bedroom, hoping that dinner time never came because whatever was cooking "smelt like burnt celery". Over the years I've seen my mom grow in the kitchen. With her interest in items that are organicly grown and trying new whole food recipes she's become quite inventive. 

Momma-ME's (MaryEllen) Prawn Dish was made famous with my step dad when my parents met. Paul, claiming that he loved hot food was not prepared for moms sneaky attempted to make him sweat, and did it. Every time my mom makes this dish, Paul tells me the story of how he was slugging back beers and trying not to let mom see his misty brow. 

I love making this for people. It's definitely not a waist trimmer, and it tastes a little different every time, but it always reminds me of home. Seeing as I am living ocean side, I thought it was an appropriate to channel my inner Momma-ME and make something close to home for Paul.

Momma-ME's Prawn Dish

1/2lb of cooked peeled jumbo prawns
1 1/2c of wild rice 
1/4lb of unsalted butter (...I told you it won't trim waists)
1/4tsp red chili flakes
1tbsp of your favourite hot sauce (Sriacha anyone??)
1/2tbs of Cajun spice mix
1/2 bottle of beer ( I used the Belize local beer, Belikin baabbbyy)

1. Make yo wild ass rice. I just followed the instructions on the box.

2. With 10 minutes left on the cook time for the rice, put the butter, chili flakes and Cajun spices in a large frying pan and let bubble in the fatty goodness for about 3-5 minutes. Momma-ME says this makes all the spices tango into an inferno, and that's exactly what you want.

3. Add your bubba-gump prawns into the inferno, let simmer for 2 minutes. Add the hot sauce and half your beer, then drink the rest of the beer.

4. If you are feeling sassy, add more spices, the heat is up to you baby! Let the mixture simmer for a minute, then add the rice to the sauce pan. 

Now serve up some hell!