Back to Reality... Kinda.

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Today is the last day of easy livin' on Saphire Beach. I've spent 9 days sitting in the sun, reading Harry Potter, and living a resort relaxation lifestyle (hellllooo rum punch). Tomorrow Paul leaves to go back to snowy Calgary and I'm on my own. Although I'll miss Paul, I'm excited to start the next mermaid chapter of my adventure.

I was on the hunt for a perfect dive shop, and cheap accomodation. I asked some of the locals where their favorite places to dive were and I kept hearing "Chuck and Robbie's". Meeting Robbie was the most important thing for me, seeing as he would be teaching me. I wanted to be able to trust him. I'm one of those people who know if I like someone within the first 10 minutes of meeting them. I get vibes that tell me if someone is trouble, twisted or genuine. From what my spidie senses tell me, Robbie is real, he's honest, and a hard worker. I think he's going to push me, which is awesome cause I think I could use a kick in the lady bits to get myself more motivated. So I'm pleased to say that I'll be diving at "Chuck and Robbie's" for the next month.

As for accomodation, Robbie was the man (again) and set me up with a place to live. I contemplated a beach fort, seeing as I have hidden talents in the art of fort making, then I thought of all the sand in my bed and quickly changed my mind. Right across from the dive shop I am going to be renting a little yellow apartment. It has beach front views and a king sized bed for star-fishing. It's all coming together perfectly, I'm stoked to make some friends, memories and complete a goal I've been wanting to achive!