DIY Denim

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Unexpectedly moving to Bangkok was spontaneous and exhilarating, but it had a few setbacks. For example; my clothing. My selection was a backpackers dream but a city slickers worst nightmare. In Vancouver I was bored of my clothing and I was constantly dreaming of a hella badass wardrobe. Now that I literally have 2 pairs of pants, 1 skirt, 3 dresses and a handful of T-shirts. I want to go back in time and slap my whiny self. 

Shopping in Bangkok is exciting. There are several massive malls filled with anything you could be looking for. One of my favourite places in Union Mall. The entire top level is used clothing with great prices. Ive decided that with my budget, my style and ethics; I am trying to mostly purchase used clothing. Strictly shopping second hand it is a really great way to build and interesting wardrobe and style. It takes some time and serious sifting to find the good pieces but its worth it. Sometimes you have to look beyond what is being offered to you. 

I love shopping for tops, shoes and accessories but when I need to go bottom shopping I have to be in a realistically positive mood. My mind must be in a place where I can walk away from trying on 12 pairs of pants, with not one pair working without having a freak out from frustration. Finding jeans that fit and accent my beautiful booty is such a challenge. When I find the magical pair, I covet them and wear them well.

At Union Mall I found a great pair of high wasted denim. My favourite part of them is the high yolk in the back. Seeing as I have mostly basic tops, my outfits with these jeans were looking a little drab. I decided to alter them and I am going to show you how!

I was inspired by The Ragged Priest, a UK brand that specialises in painted and destroyed denim. I decided that I wanted to transform my jeans into something simple that I can wear with basic tees or dress up with patterned blouses. 

What you’ll need:

Quick Drying oil paint (I used black)
Paint brush
Turpentine (for cleaning)
Masking tape
Measuring tape
Razor Blade or Exacto knife
A piece of cardboard or plastic

First try on the jeans and mark where you want the cut outs to be. I had someone help me mark where my knees were exactly so I didn’t eff it up and have the holes too high or too low. 

Draw the shape you want, then place the cardboard or plastic in the leg and cut with the razor blade. To make sure that both sides were equal, I used the denim cut out from the previous leg and placed it on the other knee to cut it out perfectly. I used the razor blade to score short lines around the hole. When I wash my jeans, it will cause the holes to fray a little and it will look less perfect and more rugged and distressed.

Next run masking tape down half an inch away from the outside seem. Use a measuring tape to be exact. Do the same on the other side of the seem. You’ll have two pieces of masking tape protecting your jeans from the oil paint to create a long black stripe. Do this on each leg.

Now its time to paint! Place the cardboard or plastic in the pant leg again. This will ensure that the paint wont bleed on to the other side of the jeans while you paint. Shake the oil paint before you use it, then carefully start painting on the inside of the tape lines. I had a couple drops on my pants outside of the tape. I liked the way it looked, so I wasn't mad about it. Do this to both legs.

I let the paint dry a little, then checked to see if I missed any pieces. I ended up painting two coats just to be sure.

To finish, hang up the jeans with a pant hanger and putthem in a place where they wont touch anything else. Clean your brush, with turpentine.

In a few hours you'll have a revamped, hella cool new pair of jeans.