Koh Lipe

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Bangkok is such a busy, booming city that I'm finding the need for a vacation from my vacation every now and then. There are moments where I am dreaming of inhaling crisp forest air, or sinking my toes into white, soft sand. In Vancouver was so easy to escape. There were beaches and mountains surrounding that young city of mine. After living there for 4 years, I knew all the sweet spots that made for the perfect staycation. 

Thailand has so many wonderful destination spots. Headed North, there is tropical Pai which is surrounded by jungles and mountains. South, are many stunning beaches with turquoise water and plenty of coconuts. I try not to travel in backpacker areas. I want to see Thailand like a local but with traveller goggles on. Luckily, I’ve made great friends who have suggested many places to see. Ive recently took an adventure to Koh Lipe island. I was invited to go with Go Grrrls  (check out my post on Go Grrrls!). These incredibly talented ladies were asked to play a gig for Valentines day. The travel posse included Dookie, Mae, Cleo and her boyfriend Richard. 

I was so excited to get to the beach, bask in the sunshine and practise mermaiding in the crystal clear waters. But before that dream could take place we had to travel.  From Bangkok we took a 2 hour flight to Hat Yai, a 2 hour bus to Pak Bara,  THEN a two hour boat ride to Koh Lipe. The milk run was worth it. My breath was stolen the moment we approached the island. White beaches, turquoise blue water, and traditional Thai boats decorated in neon fabrics, #nofilter needed for sure. 

We checked into our rooms, and set out to explore the island. First we stopped at Pooh Bar, this is where the Grrrls would be playing for the next 3 nights. Pooh bar is named “the friendliest place on Koh lipe” I would agree. The staff and owners were so welcoming and ensured that we were having a great time. 

Pooh Bar is located in the middle of the island. Not only is it a bar, but a restaurant, a bakery, bungalows and dive shop. It really has everything you could need. Including hilarious playful cats. Pooh’s isn’t your typical island bar, the drink menu ranges from Chang beer to signature hand crafted cocktails. Watching the mixologists create was fascinating. I kept ordering more just to see what show would happen next. Plus, I wasn't mad about the mid day buzz I had going on. My favourite creation was a torched pineapple, rum drink garnished with a smoking cinnamon stick.

The next day we woke up early and headed to the beach. I was really looking forward to wading into the cool water and float the day away. I pride myself on being a beach bum. I can sunbathe for hours, get a little pink but walk away with a glowing tan. I wasn’t thinking about how strong the sun was, and It didn’t occur to me how southern Koh Lipe is. Adding to this, it was the first time I didn’t use SPF at the beach. I bet you know where I am going with this. My dreams of flawlessly emerging from the sea a golden goddess were crushed. I was more like a dehydrated lobster crawling into the shade begging for aloe. It took me a few days to recover from the burn, and I am sad to say that my tan is peeling off one skin chip at a time. 

At last the party day had arrived. The island was decorated with pink and red ribbons, people were selling flowers and I was hunting down chocolate. For myself. No sharing. There were even Go Grrrls posters and banners hung to promote the Pooh Bar event. The Dj’s of Go Grrls faces were all over the island. I was so excited to see my friends blowing in the tropical wind. I am pretty sure I was more excited then they were. The Go Grrrls Valentines Day party was a success. People were feeling festive and dancing the night away. Couples were dancing together, people were flirting and one women was solo grinding on a pole. Who says Valentines day is just for lovers? 

With one full day left, Cleo organised a boat trip to check out snorkeling and private beaches. Every day on Koh Lipe was fantastic, but this was the highlight of the adventure. We snorkeled small reefs. I saw so many beautiful tropical fishes. I showed off my diver skills off by playing with large purple clams and I even spotted a Nemo (clown fish) family chilling in their anemone home. We spent the afternoon relaxing on a private beach. Richard took advantage of the peaceful surroundings to take photos for his brand WG Trunk Co.

All fun adventures must come to an end. We had the same long journey ahead of us. A boat, a bus and a flight, and before we knew it we were back in smokey Bangkok. Despite the sunburn I was taking home, the Koh Lipe adventure was amazing and much need. I was sad to leave the beach and the chill island vibes but it was time to go home and hide in the shade for a while. If you get a chance, take the long journey to Koh Lipe. Its worth the trip, especially if you have SPF in tow.