Go Grrrls

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I’ve been extremely lucky to meet some crazy, cool and talented people in Bangkok so far.
Not only am I lucky because the new people in my life are really rad, but because making new friends after moving can be a challenging adventure. Moving can make it really hard to find your place. It takes time and some questioning. Where are the cool coffee shops? Where are the hipsters? Where are my future sweet ass friends? 

Making friends or finding your group of like minded people isn't as easy as it used to be. You can’t just walk into a establishment and ask the guy next to you if he wants a sip of your adult juice box and then become best friends for ever and ever. There are 8.5 million people (Thats right, I said a MILLY) in Bangkok, which poses a challenge in the friend department. As grown ups we need to do a little research. Wether it be a meet up website, instagram creeping or shamelessly downloading Tinder. Tinder is a win win; friends, flirting and maybe something more for when the adult juice box gets empty. 

I met a extra wonderful woman on Tinder who introduced me to all her friends. These amazing people range from DJ’s, artists, designers, business owners and photographers. You can imagine how busy they are. I may not get to see them often and truthfully I don’t remember all of their names, but I can count on seeing or re-meeting them at Go Grrrls. 

Go Grrrls a party crew and a monthly badass queer event in Bangkok. Its a hub for anything indie and underground. If you think that Go Grrrls is a strictly gay night, your wrong.  Although the event is labeled queer; its for anyone who loves partying and indie music. The word queer can be skewed. A lot of people think it simply means gay, but it really it is an umbrella term for the LGBT community. Many people have their own definitions of queer. When I asked Go Grrls what their definition was they explained to me that they see queer as anything that isn't mainstream. If you're listening to a band no one has ever heard of, wearing your best finds from the local thrift store, and not drinking a pumpkin spice latte, you might be able to describe your self as queer.. or a hipster. You choose. 

Go Grrrls is made up of 3 extra bad ass ladies. DJ Dookie (AKA Lady Soma), DJ Cleo P, and DJ Mae Happyair (Click their names to listen!). Each of them are specialized in their own genre. Dookie is Queen of indie-rock, Cleo P throws down with hip-hop and trap, Mae Happyair gets weird to electro and tech-house. The party has been running successfully for 2 years, each one being themed with a new killer style, and some parties have special guests.  On March 4th Go Grrls and another local party crew called Powderpuff are taking the stage with Rich White Ladies at Live RCA in Bangkok! A guaranteed fun night, you must stop by!

Feeling apart of an open community where I can dance my face off, meet new interesting and inspiring people and know that I have a place in Bangkok at least once a month is such a comfort. If you're in Bangkok and you’ve never been to a Go Grrrls event, I strongly urge you to check it out. You’ll have a great time and walk away with a great new selection of music and potential new pals.

Check out Go Grrrls on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/gogrrrls/

Photos by Tar Paisarnthanachok (Instagram: @tar311) and Siam 2nite.