Divers Life For Me

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It's been a while since I've posted last, I've been super busy! Which is good right? People go on get aways to do new stuff. Don't feel shafted, I haven't even talked to my Mother... I'm sure she's super amped about that.

It's quite surprising but I have a routine here on San Pedro. Every morning it wake up around 6:30, I make breakfast and pick out what bikini I want to wear that day, I sit on the beach and read the material I am studying then around 8, I go to the shop for mermaid training.

My days at the shop are awesome. The guys there are amazing to me, they are very protective, and love to play jokes on me. The newest one is throwing my equipment in the water before I am ready. I end up throwing myself into the ocean with one fin and my wet suit half on. They tell me "Ojos Bonita, it's training" I just think they like to see me flail out the boat to catch it.

I usually dive twice a day. Yesterday I had 2 test dives, a navigation dive and a deep dive. The navigation dive was pretty great, and a nurse shark hung around to see how I did. Nurse sharks remind me of puppies. I've had a one follow me around the entire dive hoping I'd feed him some chum. Sorry puppy shark...  The deep dive was pretty rad though. Going deep is an addiction, I always find myself wanting more. I had to complete a few simple math questions at 105 feet, to make sure I could think clearly at depth. When you deep dive you take the chance of getting nitrogen narcosis. I felt it a little bit. There is a point where your body can't handle the amount of nitrogen in your body. As you go deeper, water becomes more dense, therefore your air becomes dense. You end up breathing more nitrogen. When you get narc'd ( nitrogen narcosis) you get a wobbly, drunk feeling. It's really easy to reverse, just slowly swim up a few feet and voliĆ”, sobriety.  

After completeing math questions and proving I am just as smart as I am on land, my instructor took me through this amazing tunnel. It was covered in coral, and had pockets where patches of light would shine through making the dark tunnel aqua blue again. Sometimes I forget that I am deep into the ocean while I am diving. It's become such a normal part of my day. There was one day where I spend more time out on the ocean then on land. That makes me wonder what I am going to do when I get back to Vancouver. 

That thought has been provoked by the many people who pass through the dive shop who are on their 2 week vacations, when they find out I am here for 6. They always ask "What are you going to do when you get home?" My response was panicked for a while, trying to make up possible situations I could see myself doing when I get back to reality. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't know what I am going to do. Although I do know it will be great. I've lead myself to this path where I am being educated, and accomplishing something I've always wanted to do. I trust my instincts to create the right future for me. The only thing I want to worry about today is if I am going to have to dive after my equipment.