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I'm so stoked to say that the theory part of my Rescue Diver training is over. I have already celebrated with a couple Belikin beers, and I intend to end the evening that way as well. I want to give all my student friends a big BRAVA for all their hard work, I forgot how much dedication and focus it takes when you're trying to get an education, but all hard work needs a break right? I took a break about a week and a half ago to celebrate San Pedro's annual Carnival.

This carnival has no questionable rides, deep fried doughnuts or creepy carnies. Carnival has a simple objective and you only need 4 tools to have a good time.

1) Baby Oil
2) Rum
3) Latex Paint 
4) Eggs

If you think this event is really a sex crazed- omelet- paint party, you are wrong my friend. This Carnival takes simple tools, mixes them with good music and people. BOOM- There you have it, too much fun and reminders of it for weeks as you pull paint out of your hair.

I first noticed the town preparing for the event days before, plastic tarps were being taped to business fronts, statues and fences. Local hard ware stores were having paint specials and kids were selling their own paint on the street, like lemonade stands. Carnival is broken into 3 days, the first day is for the little itty kiddies to play without getting hurt, the second day is for sassy teenagers to throw paint at their crushes, a colour courtship. The last day is for adults to act like sassy teenagers, the evening is usually fuelled by rum and the childish antcitipation to throw paint at anything.

The first step in Carnival prep is to well oil your hair and skin it makes it easier for the paint to come off, you also should wear clothes you don't care about. A trick my new Belizian friends taught me is to have some paint on you before you enter the war zone, or else you are seen as "fresh meat". It's also advised you paint your own tata's and cakes, so people don't have a reason to cop a feel.

I spent a lot of the evening throwing paint at strangers like I was in a reggae Ke$ha video, there was even glitter, just to seal the deal. During the craziness, I took a moment to play with the kids in the park. They would run up to me with their hands out asking for paint. After I gave them some, they would stare at it like they had no idea what to do with it, I suggested that they paint me. I was covered in my own paint for a while, it look like I took the route of a teal green suicide. 

Now I know it's probably frowned upon, but when you're covered in latex paint, the ocean looks like a good idea. I had a couple swims, one memorable swim against my will, a friend carried me in and tossed me into the salty bath. As I sat there in detest, a very friendly lady started scrubbing me down with sand, telling me "mah gal, it's the only way to get it aff". That one of the strangest baths to date. The only problem with rinsing off, is you immediately become fresh meat again.

This evening was one of the bests nights out I've ever had, and when you walk through San Pedro you see reminders of Carnival hand prints on palm trees. Hopefully I'll be back here next year, ready for a paint party and rum punch. 

                                        Nico, yours truly, Cheffy, Tianna, Max and Erik at the beginning 
                                                 of the night. Times the paint on us by a trillion,
                                               that was the look we were sporting by midnight.

                                                           Photo cred: The Steel Fam Jam