Land Days

07:13 Natasmack 0 Comments

Due to weather, my mermaid training has taken a 2 day break. The first day, the winds on the island were so strong, I felt like Dorthy. As I was trying not to get blown away from my Oz, I knew it would be a no go for diving. The water was so murky,  making the "viz" no bueno. That day I sat on the beach, trying to fix my wet suit tan. There is only so much tanning you can do when the wicked wind is blowing sand all over you. From there on my days off turned into a Tour De San Pedro. Tianna, Chefy and I decided to rent bikes and go to the south end of the island. I always forget how much I love biking.  My childhood is built around spontaneous bike rides with my best friend in Sarnia. We thought we were so bad ass ripping around our favourite park as fast as we could avoiding he underwear man who apparently lived there. 

Anyways, It was a really fantastic, relaxing, skin sizzling day. I haven't been to the south end since I was here 5 years ago. It was cool to see how it changed. That afternoon we found a dock to chill on, we tanned and chatted about everything. There are no complaints from this girl about my land days. I even got to see a trantula. I'd never ever, ever, thought I'd see one in real life roaming around in the wild.

My legs are sore, I've mastered the "LOOK MOM NO HANDS" and my tanlines are getting more embarrassing. A successful few days in my opinion.