Herbal Magic: Turmeric Paste

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As you can can probably assume, moving to a new country has its ups and downs. One of my main down falls this past year was my health. It seemed that every month I was facing a new sickness.

The last month I have been dealing with a never ending hacking cough and cold. Mae (my other half) talked me into going to the doctor. I was hesitant because in Thailand there aren't really any clinics that you can pop into. If you're sick you pretty much have to go to the hospital. 

Going to the emergency room because of a minor illness always makes me feel like a tool. My Mom used to work in hospitals, and I used to go in with her when she was on call. So I have a well rounded idea when its appropriate to make a trip to the ER.

Sitting in triage, I was faced with a single thought. I couldn't help think that some health issues can be completely avoided with preventive action plans. I never really thought deeply about this. Before now, My perception of a healthy lifestyle was quite topical with a touch of vanity. “Work out, eat avocado, drink water, look good.” This clearly wasn't helping my current situation.

I’ve learned that what you put in your body truly effects your health. Short term and long term. Simple as fuck, right? The thing is, people don’t get it. Or maybe they don’t care. 

After some experimenting and researching, I’ve learned that our bodies tell us ‘whats up’ on the regular. If you drink water consistently, you're going to feel fresh and energized. If you dummy a hamburger, fries and soft drink 4 times a week your going to feel that too. Our bodies give us warning signs when its unhappy, like pimples, tummy aches, dank farts, rashes, sugar highs, the list goes on… 

Learning the signs takes time, and so does finding your method to feeling healthy with a balanced lifestyle (WINE ME). I am not an expert, nor do I really have this fully figured out. Experimenting with holistic nutrition keeps me interested. I like to think of the holistic approach as preventive medicine. I’m not going to preach about this much, mainly because you might not care and thats cool too. Everyone has their strategy, But I will share a pretty simple recipe with natures miracle herb…

Mariju…turmeric… Yes, weed is magical in many ways. Turmeric is a little more accessible and is SO good for our bodies! Its most commonly know as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunity booster. But wait! Theres more! Its been proven to prevent cancer, kill pain, speed up metabolism and then some. If you want more in depth information about this spice, just google turmeric. Or got to turmeric.com. Someone in our world loves this spice so much that they dedicated their time and energy to spread the knowledge about friggin TURMERIC. Do this person a solid and give them some hits.

Are you intrigued? You might think, “Nat, WTF am I suppose to do with turmeric?” I got you covered, I’m sharing my recipe for turmeric paste. You can add this to your sautéed veggies, soups, rice, curries or you can try the ever so trendy “Golden Milk”. (here is a recipe by Cashew Kitchen)

I will say, be careful when making this paste. It has such a strong colour and it can stain. I gave my white cat a little love while making it and now she's into turmeric too. 

Have fun with this! You cant get high but you can get healthy. Which is pretty great too, am I right?

Turmeric paste

This recipe makes about 1.5 cups of paste. Keep that in mind, because the paste only lasts for about 2 weeks in your fridge. 

What you'll need:

1/2 cup turmeric powder

1/2 tsp black pepper

1 tsp ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp of cardamon 

1/2 tsp of nutmeg

1 cup of water

1/2 cup of coconut oil

Mix water and turmeric powder in a pot. Slowly simmer mixture and constantly stir for 6-10 minutes.  You might need more time, but just keep stirring! It should become a paste consistency.

Add spices and oil and mix until it is fully combined with the paste.